How to begin meditating?

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Meditation 101

I have many friends who want to begin meditating. However, few of them actually do. The most common explanation I get is actually that they do now know how. Which really sounds like BS considering all the information we have now out on the Web. I think it is actually the superfluence of different styles and approaches which may leave newbies overwhelmed and unsure what to choose. In comes the simplest and most powerful technique of all: mindfulness.

What is mindfulness

Mindfulness, as popularised nowadays in the west, is one of basic Buddhist practices. However, this technique has nothing to do with any religion whatsoever. In its core it means simply observing the reality as it is. Easier said than done. The way you would usually go about it is to begin sitting in a comfortable position, doesn’t have to be lotus or anything fancy, you can even sit on a chair. Close your eyes and begin observing your breath. Very soon you’ll notice thoughts creeping in. The trick is not to pay any attention to them. The mind will be naturally sidetracked but you will just gently bring it back to the awareness of all the sensations related to the breath. You can feel its touch on the nostrils, its temperature, how it enters you body and how it goes out. Remain calm and equanimous, even when you will be bombarder with thoughts. The less energy you give to them, the sooner they will pass away.

That is a very brief introduction, I will follow it with more tips and also benefits of the practice. Meanwhile, if you have any comments, don’t hesitate to write a comment or drop me an email.



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