When I began attending Margot’s

When I began attending Margot’s Yoga classes I was a complete begginer, with no previous experience whatsoever. I have to say I loved the classes from the very beginning. I appreciated Margot’s individual approach, both in group and individual classes. It took only a couple of classes for me to start feeling more in contact with my body; I felt stronger and more relaxed, I could feel that my body is becoming more flexible.
I would recommend Margot’s classes for anyone who wants to begin their adventure with Yoga, as well as to anyone who has been practicing Yoga for some time already.

Maria Busz

Yoga classes with Margot

Yoga classes with Margot were just amazing. The teacher is very charismatic and peaceful. My group was very small so she always could come closer and work with me individually, correct my position and explain what was wrong. I always felt comfortable and certain that yoga is helping me, never has felt doubtful while practicing with Margot. And after the classes she used to tell me how to do some asanas at home without any gadgets that we had at school.
All classes had some dynamic elements that I liked most and some calming down. I liked the style of Vinyasa that made me feeling stronger in physical and emotional way.
Unfortunately I can’t continue my practice with Margot but I recommend her to all of you!

Patrycja Skoczypiec

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