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There are so many obstacles when it comes to getting on your yoga mat (or to the gym, or out on that run). We all know those days, when you get up and immediately want to get back to bed. Or perhaps you come back tired after work, dragging you feet behind and dreamig only of throwing yourself on the couch. How to deal with those inevitable obstacles when they come?


First of all, I believe in being gentle with yourself. Remember ahimsa? This basic principle of yoga means non-harming, and it refers to both yourself and the others around you. This may sound easy enough on the first glance but navigating   what it exactly means to your particular predicament is they key. On some days, taking best care of yourself will mean exactly committing to your practice and getting moving. On others, when you are already stressed and tired, burdening yourself with a heavy workout may not be the best option.

Abandon the plan

No, I am not suggesting giving up altogether, not at all. What I am calling for here is elasticity – you always have a choice of what to do, and which type of activity to choose. The key to success is to stop thinking in all-or-nothing terms. The perspective of a whole 1,5 hour yoga session or 10 miles run may seem really daunting when all you can think about are burritos and soap-opera or soft pillow. However, if you are stressed after whole day, a gentle restorative practice or a walk may do wonders. And once you step on the mat or get out of the house, without assumptions as to what you are goign to do, you may discover you body actually wants something more.

All it takes it to be present with yourself and commit to observing yourself and adjusting your practice. That may well be one of the cornerstones of yoga.

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