Where do I begin my yoga practice?

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The answer is deceptively simple: on the mat.

I know many people who buy yoga outfit, maybe even a mat, look into different styles and classes, subscribe to a magazine, read a lot on the subject… but don’t actually go on the mat and do the job. Or do it once in a month.

Unfortunately – or luckily – there are no shortcuts when it comes to yoga. As Pattabhi Jois famously said, it’s 1% theory and 99% practice. That is why I think there is no need for you to ponder all of the possible styles or yoga pant designs before your first class.

“It’s 1% theory and 99% practice.”

The best solution is just to come to your first class. Or play that first video if you’d rather give it a try in the safety of your own living room. And then see how it is. And then perhaps experiment a bit, have a go at different practices, see whether you’re more into fast and powerful styles or perhaps you need more restorative, slower practice.┬áIn fact, it is very likely that soon you will discover that on some days you prefer one, then the other.

The more you will practice for yourself, the more you will understand what yoga is about. Especially that, as with everything else in life, it is ultimately about what it means to you and what is your experience of it.

It is ultimately about you and your experience.

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