Why yoga?

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Reasons to do yoga

Why do you want to practice? Because you want great muscles? Or you have heard about great powers yogis have? Personally, I think the best result you can get is simply to be more in touch with your life. Yoga helps not only to introduce more balance into our hectic existence. It can also be a very powerful tool for introducing changes in your life. In fact, that is my favourite definition and I have found it to be true in my practice.

My yoga journey

Throughout the years I have been on an in and off relationship with yoga. I would often go on a yoga retreat or workshop and leave with a solemn promise to practice regulary, which usually meant every day, and to really focus on making progress. These resolutions would invariably fell through. With time, however, I’ve realised that making physical progress was not the point. To say it is about the journey is a cliche but that is so much true. When you fall off the practice but come back every couple of days (or weeks) you are still working on yourself. Even though without regularity you may not built physical strength or flexibility, every time you step on the mat you are transforming your mind and discovering something new about yourself. As long as you keep curious and open attitude, you are always making progress, because you are always changing.

Your perspective

The first step is to begin with your intuition. You can try as many tools and styles as you like, chek out different approaches but ultimately it is up to you to decida what yoga means for you and how do you want to practice it. I remember very well the words I have heard from a teacher on one of the yoga retreats I’ve been to. She said that some of the most yogic people she knowed in her life were people who had never practiced any asanas but through their behaviour they embodied the yogic principles without even realising it. What are those principles? I will write a post about it soon, so keep an eye on the blog.


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